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How You Can Help Local Farmers This Year

According to American Farmland Trust, “a New York farm is lost to development every three days”.  Imagine the impact on all of us if this pace continues. 

Please give as generously as you can.  

Your support will enable NYALT to help conserve up to 10,000 acres of beautiful productive land, more farmland than any other conservation group in
New York State, and we can’t do it without you.

Monthly donations of any amount from your credit card account are an easy and practical way to support NYALT.

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Attention to Everyone Who is Concerned About the
Future of Farmland Protection!

Please Review the Following Plans from Governor-Elect Cuomo!

Farm NY: Growth Through Innovation (See page 92 for the section on Farmland Protection) and Cleaner, Greener New York

Also Please Review the Attached NYS Comptrollers Report
Bet on the Farm: Farmland Protection as a Strategy for Economic Growth and Renewal

Please visit our Call to Action page to see what you can do.
Farmers are counting on us and we cannot wait.




FarmWe know that farmland conservation is more than just another beautiful landscape; it’s part of our community’s rural economy, heritage and quality of life; it’s helping to ensure clean air and water, and provide wildlife habitat.

Visit our website and learn more about farmland conservation in New York State.

“I have lived in this area my whole life and I know that once farmland is gone, it’s gone for good. This land deserved to be protected. Now, future farmers will be able to grow local food for generations to come.”

-Doug Ross, Fruithurst Farm, Cayuga County


December 2011 News

Earlier this year we shared good news about a new and unique partnership between New York Agricultural Land Trust (NYALT) and central and northern New York’s largest John Deere dealership, Cazenovia Equipment Company.  

Their support will benefit NYALT’s ongoing work on behalf of farmers who are seeking to protect their farms from development.

It is true that farmers are important customers of businesses like Cazenovia.  But the importance of farms to our communities extends far beyond the obvious.  Farmers invest in and implement conservation practices on their lands that protect water quality and other important natural resources. 

The support demonstrates how important it is to have a positive relationship with businesses and their rural communities.  Like many of our member supporters, the folks at Cazenovia believe strongly that the legacy of family farms and farmland contribute significantly to our quality of life. 

Farms produce the food we all depend on and do so economically; in abundance and with quality that is sought after by consumers near and far.  And perhaps most importantly in the recent era, farms are drivers of local economies.  Farms directly support employment of residents of rural communities, whether on-the-farm or at the myriad businesses from which they purchase goods and services.  Farms and the crops and commodities they produce also support employment within the vast network of related agribusinesses that are located in our region and throughout the state, from shipping to processing to marketing and sales of food products. 

We encourage supporters of farmland protection to join us in extending our sincere gratitude to the owners, staff and customers of Cazenovia.  Please visit their website at (www.cazenoviaequipment.com) to learn more about this terrific family business.  We also encourage our business supporters large and small to contact us through our website (www.nyalt.org) to brainstorm on ways to support farmland protection in the communities where they operate – we have many great ideas to share!


NYALT Business Supporters:

Show the Support your Business has Demonstrated for Farmland Protection with a 6x9" NYALT Window Cling (see image below).


We greatly appreciate underwriting support from Byrne Dairy, who graciously covered the expense of this marketing effort.

February 2011

Governor Cuomo Publishes the Draft Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) Budget for Fiscal Year 2011-2012: $12 Million Proposed for Farmland Protection.

Click here to read more.

Also, last month, Governor Cuomo announced the nomination of
newly appointed Commissioner, Darrel J. Aubertine,
to the
NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.

States Governor Cuomo,"Darrel's experience and expertise
in agriculture is unparalled."

For the complete story, please click here.

Please join NYALT in congratulating Mr. Aubertine and welcoming him aboard by writing to: Darrel Aubertine, Acting Commissioner, NYS Dept. of Ag & Markets, 10 B Airline Dr., Albany, NY 12235 or call 1(800) 554-4501.

rake photo

Testimony Offered at February 8th, 2011 NYS Senate Budget Hearing

NYALT Vice Chair Nancy Hourigan joined American Farmland Trust's New York Director David Haight and others in testifying on behalf of Farmland Protection and the Environmental Protection Fund.
Click here to read Nancy's testimony and here for David's testimony.

Local Farm Family One Step Closer to Achieving Goal

Recently, the Janas Family of Cayuga County achieved a milestone: the New York Agricultural Land Trust (NYALT), with the assistance of Cayuga County, submitted their farmland protection project for final approval to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.

The Janas’ had won a competitive state farmland protection grant to conserve their family farm in 2005, and now, they are almost at the finish line. Soon, the 248-acre farm will be conserved. 

“The development pressure around our farm is significant.  The recent installation of public utilities and the close proximity to Owasco Lake make this area very desirable for development", stated Mike Janas, the farm's owner.  "Also, a substantial portion of Vaness Brook, an environmentally sensitive stream, flows through the farm to Owasco Lake."  

"We believe the best use of this land is to remain agricultural. We want to make sure that future generations have the opportunity to farm this land.We are donating 25% of the development value back to the government to make sure this happens. It’s that important to us.” ~ Mike Janas, owner/farmer

Long-time farmers, economic flexibility in the agreement.
Mike and Margaret Janas have worked the farm for over 40 years. Due to health issues on both their parts, the land is currently being rented by a neighboring farmer.  The farm contains high-quality agricultural soils.  It was selected by Cayuga County for their grant application to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets in 2005.  

For Mike and his family, it is important for the conservation of the farm to allow for flexible farming practices that can diversify, change, and respond to economic conditions. As with any farmland project with NYALT, the voluntary agreement will run with the land into the future. The land stays on the tax rolls.

“We know that agriculture will change, and the conservation easement is a flexible agreement that allows farmers to change, adapt, and respond to local and global economic conditions.”

What you can do to help other farmers and farms.
You can help other farmers conserve their land. Contact your local legislators (search by your zip code) and tell them that New York State must prioritize farmland protection in the next administration. Let them know how important this is.

New York State’s farmland protection has made commitments to 68 farm families who are waiting for the State to complete their projects. They are under contract, and many have spent thousands of dollars on surveys and  other costs to get their project ready for completion. Over $70 million has been awarded over the last six years—but not spent—and these farmers cannot wait much longer.

The funding comes from the Environmental Protection Fund—a dedicated fund for Open Space, by law. You
can help make sure that NY State’s Farmland Protection Program receives the $25 million it needs, each year, to honor the state’s commitments to these farm families.

Contact your local legislators. It really makes a difference. Also call the New York State office of the American Farmland Trust at (518) 581-0078 or visit their website if you want more details on the state’s program and the needs of farmers.


Board Member's Farm Wins Prestigious Award

Wake Robin Farm is in the news again...this time for winning silver and bronze in the World Jersey Cheese Wards held June 11-12 in theChannel Islands, United Kingdom. Read here for more. Congratulations Meg and Bruce!