Farms We’ve Protected

Gulliver Farm

Onion Springs, NY

Gary and Karen Gulliver own and operate the over 1,000 acres comprising Gulliver Farms in Union Springs, NY. They have placed 1,050 acres into a conservation easement for protection through NYALT.  They produce corn for Spruce Haven Farm and soybeans which go to the local DuMond Grain plant. With the addition of some rented land, the Gullivers have 1,200 acres of farmland in operation.

Having grown up living and working with his father Donald on his cash crop farm, it was an obvious choice for Gary to pursue his own farming path.  Everything came full circle in 1987 when Gary and Karen bought a portion of the farm from his parents, bringing his childhood farm into their growing business.  Over the next several years the Gullivers continued adding to the land base to where it stands today. 

Gulliver Farms is in an area of Cayuga County where the soil is well suited for corn and soybeans.  Gary has implemented minimal tillage practices, such as strip till and vertical till in order to avoid excessive tillage that can damage the soil and cause erosion over time.  In addition to regular soil testing, cover crops and variable rate fertilizer application is used to maintain good soil fertility.  To protect nearby water ways from run off, grass buffer strips along with water and sediment control basins have been implemented. 

The Gulliver’s  value the importance of conserving and protecting good farm land, ensuring that it remains in agriculture for future generations.