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We need the help of community members and businesses who care about the future of our farmland to continue doing our work. Your contributions support programs that help ensure a future for local food and farming in Central New York.

New York Agricultural Land Trust is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization and your contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by the IRS.

Other Ways to Give


Donation of Stocks/Mutual Funds

Contributing long-term appreciated stock and/or mutual funds are an easy way to help avoid capital gains tax and make a lasting contribution to NYALT and farmland protection.

Memorial Gifts and Bequests

We are honored to accept gifts in memory of, or in recognition of, someone you know. An Honorary or Memorial Gift is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to someone and help conserve the local farms, local food production and our beautiful rural character. When you make an honorary or memorial gift, NYALT will send you a donation acknowledgement. We will also send a letter conveying your thoughts and gift (but not the specific amount) to your honoree (or in the case of a memorial gift, to the family).

Gifts of Land

Landowners who wish to help NYALT step up the pace of farmland conservation can give their land (or a portion of their land) directly to NYALT. Our land trust can accept gifts of forestland, houses, or other property to help further its farmland protection efforts.  Unlike the donation of an agricultural easement (where the landowner still owns his/her land), a gift of land would transfer full ownership of the property to NYALT.

Including NYALT in your Will

Landowners can donate their land or a conservation easement through a bequest in their Will. Farmers are depending on NYALT to help them conserve their family lands, and you can assist by a contribution via your will.

The following is a Sample Bequest language that may be helpful as you consider including NYALT in your will [you will want to consult your attorney to confirm the language]:

“I give and devise to the New York Agricultural Land Trust, Inc., located in Elbridge, New York, my entire residual estate (or ________percent of my estate, or _____ dollars from my estate, or my land located on [name of road(s)], in [name of town, state]) towards their farmland protection, outreach work, and developing a sustainable conservation organization.”

If you wish to donate an easement (protect your farm after your lifetime), you can use this language in your Will [again verify with your attorney, and contact NYALT]:

“I direct my executor to conserve my land, located on [name of road(s)], in the town of [name of town], in [state], prior to transferring it out of my estate, with the New York Agricultural Land Trust, Inc., located in the town of Elbridge, New York. I understand that NYALT will use its then current model conservation easement, and adapt it as necessary, to conserve my property. They will use their professional judgment to create a conservation plan for my property. I further direct my executor to convey the necessary stewardship and legal defense funds needed to oversee the protection of my property in perpetuity, as normally calculated by NYALT.”

Please notify NYALT if you plan on doing this so that we can provide you with updated language. NYALT will keep your bequest confidential if you would like. NYALT suggests that you consult with your family and estate planning team to discuss if a bequest will meet your goals. We are happy to meet with you to discuss possible options as well. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this option.

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