Farms We’ve Protected

Palladino Farms

Pompey, NY

Nestled among the highest hills in Onondaga County, the Palladino Family’s 285-acre farm has stunning views of seven different counties, from Chimney Bluffs to Lake Oneida and beyond. Hosting highly fertile soil, a majority of the land is used to cultivate crops or pasture animals. The farm produces organic wheat, corn, and soy for human and animal consumption and is one of the largest producers of malt barley in the state. The crops grown help to sustain the county’s largest dairy farm and one of its largest poultry and egg farms.

Dan Palladino, head of his family’s farm, believes that agriculture is a smart investment for New York State. Though other businesses and industries may leave for other states or countries after receiving support from NYS, farms and farmland will never be exported but will always be needed. Even if his children don’t become farmers, he is happy knowing the land worked by his father, uncles, and grandfather will remain in agriculture.